About Us

Updated Wednesday June 21, 2017 by Michael Wirth.

Coyote Hoops Club was formed to provide the best in basketball skill development and character education for athletes within the Gilbert area and to organize the feeder programs for CVHS.  It is operated by the Campo Verde High School Basketball Coaching staffs for boys and girls basketball players from Grades 1-12.  We strive to provide a better way to improve skill development while incorporating the intangibles team togetherness, unselfishness, servant leadership, community, sportsmanship, and teamwork. Directors of the Coyote Hoops Club are CV Boys' Head Varsity Coach Michael Wirth and CV Girls' Head Varsity Coach Kelsey Bryantt.  Both coaching staffs will work extensively with the program on all levels instilling the Campo Way!   

How are we different?  We want to change the scene when it comes to club basketball.  We are going to focus more on high-level, high-intensity skill and team development while building the continuity and connection for the CV community.  Currently, most players log more hours in competitive tournaments/games then they do with training. While competitive games and tournaments have value when a player is ready if it becomes the main source of development growth becomes limited especially for younger players.  We want to try and have 5 to 1 ratio. 5 hours of skill and team development to every 1 hour of competitive play. For high school teams, we will strategically pick tournaments that will be the best opportunity for development and potential exposure for recruiting.

Mission:  Engage daily in the process of becoming our best in all areas of our lives while creating and fostering the sense of community. 

Core Values: 

Fundamental Teaching Points and Philsophy

  • 3Dimensional Coaching philosophy 
  • USA Basketball Player Development Curriculum 
  • Character Training will consist of Biblical principles and Christian beliefs
  • Basketball teaching points as player's advance in age and skill level include
    • Man to man defense principles
    • Proper shooting form and fundamentals is a priority
    • Dominant Pivot foot emphasized
    • Team first
    • All players learn all position fundamentals